Saniflo Macerator Installation & Repairs Greenwich

We install and repair Saniflo macerators in Greenwich and surronding areas.

Installing a bathroom where you want is often difficult and sometimes even impossible. The main drainpipe is either too far away, or the new bathroom or sink will be lower than the drainpipe, making conventional installation unworkable. So what you need is a Saniflo macerating pump that requires minimal installation work. Saniflo's macerator units solve these problems, because they can grind and pump waste over a distance of 100m and up to a height of 8m. These systems automatically activate, when required, to reduce effluent to a slurry and pump it away to the soil stack, septic tank or sewer through small diameter discharge pipes.
We charge you a fair price and will always favour repair of a Saniflo rather than replacement if this is feasible, most units are just blocked

Other brands of macerators we can repair or install include wasteflo, Sanicondens Plus, Stuart Turner, Sanicom, Sanicondens Best, Sanishower, Sanicubic, Sanispeed, Sanicom2, Sanibest, Sanipro, sanitop & any other brand.

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